How an HR System can save you time.

There are numerous benefits a software system can provide you with, however a key feature is saving time on administration and endless paperwork when managing your people.

They can be effective even within a small team. Having a system in place can provide employees with clarity of what is in their contract it can enable them to easily request annual leave. It will ensure you can measure and track leave and sickness. In addition a good system will ensure you comply with GDPR for employees data.

Installing a software system can help the business to set and maintain standards for growth. Employees will all have access to one system which will hold all of your policies and procedures. A good system can act as an important communication channel. This can have huge benefits for those with remote workers.

This table highlights some key benefits of Breathe HR

Employee data in one place Centralise all your information in one location so that it is organised and easy to access on the go.
GDPR compliant  
Manage holiday requests   Booking holiday with employee self-service and a central calendar makes managing leave requests easy.
Improve communication channels
Share company news and objectives and reward great performance with the kudos function.  
Perfect for keeping in touch with those not based in the office.
Manage documents
Go paperless.
Store all your company and employee documents in one central location (including handbooks, policies, contracts, appraisals).
Increase performance  
Manage appraisals, give praise, set one-to-one meetings and objectives.    
Manage sickness and absence
From monitoring sick leave to generating reports, managing absence is easy with the central calendar.

As a certified partner of Breathe HR I can quickly set you up with a system and guide you through how to make the best use of the functions. This will eliminate some of the burdens of HR administration and let you get back to the important role of managing your business.

The system is designed with the small business in mind and the price reflects the size of your business.

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