Do you understand your employment responsibilities?

Here is a quick reminder for those new to employing people or thinking of taking on their first team members. These eight points are the minimum statutory duties for employers.

  1. Pay – An obvious point but your employees must be paid at least the national minimum wage.
  2. Itemised Pay slip – all employees and workers are entitled to a payslip which details all pay and any deductions.
  3. Eligible employees should receive statutory payments including sick pay, maternity pay, redundancy pay, paternity pay, shared parental leave, and adoption pay.
  4. Provide a cleans and safe environment for employees to work in. This includes providing access to first aid equipment, fresh drinking water, toilet facilities, protective clothing etc
  5. Rest Breaks. These should be a minimum of 20 minutes for each 6 hours worked.
  6. Keep to a maximum 48 hour working week (unless they have opted out in writing).
  7. Provide paid holiday each year (amount depends on hours worked)
  8. Provide adequate notice period for the length of employment.

In addition to the basic statutory requirements it is a great employer who also becomes aware their duties under the following areas:

  • Risk assessments under Health and Safety legislation.
  • Equality act and preventing discrimination.
  • Pay and deductions and your responsibilities for tax, national insurance, student loans, pensions etc
  • Data protection

It may sound like a lot to learn, however understanding these areas will help protect your business from costly litigation and help you manage your people fairly and responsibly.

Being a considerate and fair employer can only serve to improve your reputation and help you to attract and retain talent.

If you require any guidance or support on anything mentioned in this post please get it touch.